What Is The Hoffy’s Workshop Show

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The Hoffy’s Workshop Show is an Internet Video Show Hosted by Steve “Hoffy” Hofmeister.

Hoffy's Workshop Show Logo


Hoffy explores projects related to:

  • Electronics
  • Creative Recycling
  • Life Hacks
  • Technology & Tool Commentary
  • and Much More!

The show shares electronics and microcontroller projects both easy and advanced.  Hoffy shares some of his projects made out of leftover materials or items that can be repurposed into new effective uses.  Hoffy also shares some life hack tricks and neat ways of doing things to either save time or money.  Hoffy also may talk about new technology trends or share his thoughts on technology and tools he gets his hands on.

We have a lot of neat stuff in mind for this show, this listing only being a few points.  We hope you enjoy this show and welcome your feedback and suggestions to make it even better.

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