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W.A.R.P. Speed Captain – Arduino Project

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I have been tinkering away at the W.A.R.P. Arduino Microcontroller Project here this weekend.  I have many coding hurdles and details to work out before I bring it out to share on the Show (The Hoffy’s Workshop Show).  You can, however, follow the development of it at its Project Page on Hoffy’s World.  I encourage you to read up on it.  If I can get the quirks worked out and the data exchange between nodes worked out it could result in some neat things.  If you have an interest in lending a hand on this project, I could really use the help especially with the Ajax aspects of the GUI.

W.A.R.P. is being developed as and Arduino Automation control platform for my workshop.  Allowing me to turn certain things on and off remotely.  An example is being to able to turn the workshop lights off from another part of the house just by going to the Web GUI and clicking the button.  Another example would be the one stubborn router I have that occasionally need to be hard booted by disconnecting the power.  Being this router is not in the path to the master control unit I could reboot it from my bedroom.

I currently am not designing it for outside of house use as there is currently no development under way regarding the security needed to protect my network from intrusion through it.

You might ask, why not purchase a system that has already been developed such as IRIS, X10, or so forth?  The answer, I have the parts for this already, and don’t have the financial resources to invest in such a system.  I would however have an interest in a wireless variant of W.A.R.P., but you have to crawl before you can ever fly.

Development continues, and I’m serious about the help thing.  I have learned many things, but am always willing to learn from those who know more than I.  I do fairly share credit where credit is due.

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