(Long Run) Commentary On Episode Length

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I have probably watched the relaunch episode myself now probably 50 times.  I can’t walk away from this episode truly saying I’m happy with its final product. I now the episode length was very long, and I will be working to cut them down to 30 minutes.  I might run 45 minutes if it is something special.  But, aside from the little quirks that I noticed that and will correct in the future I am deeply interested in what you the viewer thinks.  Good or Bad, I would really like to know.

There was a lot of title work (especially during those Havre de Grace, MD scenes) that did not appear.  I’m not sure why they didn’t render into the final release, but I know they were there in pre-render.

You the viewer are who I am doing this for.  Your feedback and ideas are what I am counting on to steer this show.  So drop us a line either through http://hoffysworkshop.creativevisionmedia.net/contact-show/ or emailing hoffysworkshop@creativevisionmedia.net.


Thank You for Watching!


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