Computer Repair Continues

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After an eventful night yesterday, the efforts in computer repair continue.  The computer we use to compile and produce The Hoffy’s Workshop Show suffered a drive corruption yesterday evening for reasons that are unexplained.  We have had to totally redo the main operating system drive of this unit.  As anyone who has installed windows fresh on a computer knows it takes time.  We are probably going to have to take the rest of the weekend to recover to a point where we can get the final production tasks completed.

The media and footage for the show has not been compromised, nor does this affect any of our websites or social media.  There is no evidence that this was malicious or the result of a virus.  We were having issues with this particular computer for a few days prior, so we really were not too surprised by the failure.

We ask for your patient understanding as we attend to this unexpected turn of events.

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